I frelling HATE people on busses, 'specially on mondays, when there's snow everywhere. I was sitting down, minding my own buisness, when a girl stands next to me, and she keeps poking me with her bag. When she finnally get's off, another girl takes her place, chewing gum so noisily, that vibrations of the sound would be a 1.4 on the Richters Scale. Well, somehow she get the hint, and closes her mouth, so I actually can hear the bus and the other sounds. Then a young man sits on the other side of the row, his walkman so loud, I can hear every word clearly. When he finally get's off, I can hear the gum-girl starts chewing again. Frelling people on the frelling bus at 7 am in the morning! Sigh!


What is the mystical land of my birth?

The Land of Enjoyment and Magic

You are a gypsy in the Land of Enjoyment and Magic.
You care about nothing but having fun. You are
supernatural and a dreamer. You are slightly
ditsy, but people still feel drawn to your aura
of lightheartedness. You are not afraid to
experiment with new things and to hell with the
consequences as long as you have fun.

What is the mystical land of your birth?

What would my romance story be?

You have a True, Loyal, and well.....Binding
Romance: You two have just met. But you two are
meant to be together. Obstacles of high school
get in a way, but you t wo survive. A good
movie for you, A Walk to Remember. It'll
describe you, kind of. Except the chick doesn't

What would your Romance Story Be?

What otherkin am I?

You're fae!..You believe yourself to have the soul
of or remember being a faerie in your past
life. There are many races of fae, believed to
be nature spirits, that exist and these are
split up into two different Courts. You can
either be a member of the Seelie (light) or
Unseelie (dark) Court. Also, you know how to
have fun! ;)

What's your otherkin type?



Ok, springtime has definitely come. The sun is gone, and the rain and thunder has taken over. In a month or so, the summer will finally be here. Also everything is green, except the parts of the garden that haven't survived my boyfriend's roomies.

Anyways. I am looking forward to summer. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 1-year this summer, so I lot of thing to look forward to.


Another one

I was at the movies yesterday. Once a month the local cinema is doing a premiere-surprise. So you don't know which movie you'll see, and normally you'll see some really good movies, like 'The Incredibles' and so on. Well, the one we saw this time was 'White Noise'. It's has been quite a while since I saw so bad a movie. I am not really into the whole scare-the-audience-thing. So in all fairness to the movie, I only saw about half of it, the other half I was holding my eyes. I don't like the shock-effect. Both because I really get scared, and also because it really is the cheapest trick. It's only bad scary-movies that uses that effect, 'cause they can't capture the audience otherwise.

Anyway, this is the movie's homepage, if you want it:

The movie

Also I found this while googleing the movie:

It's a guy's take on the movie. He has some very interesting ideas, though I think he might be over-analyzing it. On the other side, there's is no such thing, when it comes to movies.

Read his blog here


Helping a friend

A friend of mine is doing a project at university, and he needs a lot of people to answer his questionnaire. If you speak Danish, please take 3 minutes to answer it. It's about messenger, and he will be very thankful. Thank you.

I have removed the questionaire, because my friend got all the answers he needed. Thanks to all whom participated.