On how to behave

Stop ignoring me! It doesn't make me go away, it just pisses me off!

If you have a problem with me, tell me! Let's talk about it, and see if we can come up with a solution. If not, at least I know not to count on you.


Bean Sprouts II

I actually got the second portion of sprouts to work. I put them in the closet for a week, changing the water twice a day, and after a week they were finished. Very tasty, a more distinct taste of sprout, and not the taste of plastic one usually tastes when eating the version from shops. They were really good. BUt they were also extremely small, and gone in half an hour. I didn't put on another lot. I reserve my judgement a little while longer: Was it really worth the effort?


”Mum!” The girl pants as she runs toward the house. “Mu-um – Where are you?” She opens the gate to the garden with her foot, almost kicking it open. From inside the house three dogs come running. “No, down!” She tries to hold her hands away from the dogs. “What’s going on? .. Blossom? What’s happening? Get down Tinker. SIT!” The woman stops, looking at her daughter’s blood-soaked and torn clothes. The hair that the maid had spent almost half an hour on, this very morning, is hanging loose. In her hands is something fluffy, probably another one of the girl’s project. Some stray. “Blossom, you’re bleeding. And what did you bring home this time? Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” “But mum. She’s bleeding, look!” She opens the hands a little, exposing a kitten. It’s cut up pretty bad. Then she starts crying. “Can you help her, mum?” The woman puts a hand on her daughter’s shoulder an leads her gently to the back of the house. As if the dogs understand that something’s amiss, they calmly follow, the big black one nuzzling the girl a little with its snout.

A man is sitting at the backyard with his son. The son looks to be the same age as the girl. The man appears worried at the spectacle, but the boy seems more curious, and a bit nervous. “This is my daughter, Luminous Blossom”, the woman says composed. “I apologise for the way she looks. Seems like she’s found another animal that needs her help. Why she looks that way, though, is really a mystery. This is Flaming Dragon and his son Raven. Your father will be working with Flaming Dragon. We are all hoping that you and Raven will get along well.”

The girl sniffs, and tries to pretend she wasn’t crying. She makes a small curtsey and looks pleadingly at her mother. “Excuse us a moment!” The woman leads the girl away into the house. She opens a cupboard and finds an old towel and spreads it on the table. “Now, let’s see what we’ve got.” The girl gently puts the kitten on the towel. It makes a weak sound that faintly resembles how cats sound like. The amount of the damage is clearer now. The kitten is bleeding from several wounds. It’s missing one ear, and part of the tail. It has several small puncture-wounds on the paws and one eye can only be closed partly, because the lid is cut. But the worst wound is the long cut on the belly. Blood is oozing from that wound, despite the girl still holding one hand over it, trying to squeeze it together. A flash of anger flares across the mothers face as she realise this has not happened by accident. She opens another cupboard and finds some salve and needle and thread. Then she gently moves her daughters hand away. She applies some salve, and sews up the wound. She washes the other wounds and applies salve to them too, all the while the girl stands quietly by. “Is she gonna be all right, mum?” The question is barely a whisper. “I don’t know honey. She needs rest. And she needs to stay warm. If you sit with her, I’ll get you a blanket.” The girl gently lifts the kitten from the table and sits in the corner. She tries to stop herself from crying. The woman comes back moments later with a cup of tea and a blanket, which she wraps around the girl. “Now, tell me what happened”. The girl looks up and tries to tell the story between sobs. “It was… some boys… I was walking home, and decided to cross through the forest. They were whooping and… yelling. Then I saw the kitten.” At this she starts to cry loudly and it takes her awhile to calm down. “They were… cutting… with a knife… and… she… she made this sound… like a thousand lotus flowers withered… So I couldn’t help myself… I kicked the one doing it… I am sorry for not behaving lady-like… And then they all started punching me… But I bit one. And I might have kicked another one in a very bad place. And while they were preoccupied with him, I… I got up… And then I grabbed the kitten and ran away… … … I am sorry I was in a fight mum, but can you wait with the punishment till she’s ok? I’m really sorry.” And then she starts crying again. The woman smiles sadly and puts her hand on the girls cheek, whipping away a tear. “It’s gonna be all right, my love.” And with this she leaves the girl alone.

The girl sits in the corner and talks soothingly to kitten. She is so occupied with it that she doesn’t notice Raven until he sits down next to her. She looks at him. Blood and tears have stained her face, but there is a compassion that makes her look special. He puts his hands on hers, while she is holding the kitten. His hands are so warm, and it flows into her hands and fills her. She doesn’t feel the bruises anymore, but only this curious warmth. They sit like this all night, his hands on hers, and as the morning light flows through the window, the kitten opens it eyes and looks at its’ rescuers.


Bean Sprouts

A friend lend me a book from the 1970'ies about living natural. Me being who I am, she figured I might like it.

First of: Wauw! That would have never worked today. It was messy, and the subjects wasn't in any perticular order. Also, the book had a gazillion different topics from 'How to bake your own bread' (I do that a lot) to 'make your own waste water treatment plant in the back yard' (Not in our time).

But on closer inspection, there was actually a few golden words, so I decided to read it.

In the middle of a topic about growing your own vegetables in the garden was a small 'how-to' about bean sprouts. Now, I've read about growing bean sprouts at home. Appearently vegetarians do that a lot. So I figured: Why not? It would be a nutritous supplement to my winter diet.

I took a deciliter og mungbeans, put them in a 400 gram jar. The beans covered about 2 cm of the bottom of the jar. Then I filled it with 3 deciliters of water. I put a net on the top of the jar, and secured it with a couple of rubber bands. I placed it in a dark cupboard for the night, and went to bed, a little curious about the eksperiment.

The next day felt a little like christmas. I woke up quite early and went to the cupboard to take a quick peak. Not much had happened. The beans had swollen to double size, but other than that, nothing. I went about rinsing the beans with plenty of water, but without touching them, as I could have a lot of bacterias on my fingers. Then I put them back into the cupboard, hoping for the best.

This went on a couple of days. Every morning I would look in the cupboard, and every morning the beans would dissapoint me. On the second night I saw the first sprouts, but nothing too overwhelming, though the beans had kept growing in size.

Then on the forth day, all of the beans had sprouted little tails. I also realised the jar would be to small, because the beans had now swollen so much in size, that they filled 1/3 of the jar. But being an optimistic, I continued with the project.

Yesterday I had to give up. The beansprouts filled the jar to a point where the water wouldn't come out of the jar again, resulting in the sprouts being in still water. They had went wouldy. Not much, but enough to stop the growth completely. Besides, who wants to eat mouldy sprouts? Not me.

So I threw away a filled jar of sprouts. My heart ached. And I started over. This time with only 1/8 of a deciliter in the same jar. I hope it will be better.



Yes, the snow came as anticipated.


It's beautiful, but also really treacherous. Underneath a thin layer of snow is a layer of slippery ice. I only waited for 7 minutes for the bus, and I witnessed two car accidents.

I hate that kind of weather. And I fear it. I year ago to the day, I fell down a staircase, and broke all the bones in my wrist. It still hurts, and I can't use my hand normally yet, probably never will be able to again. Sucks!



As some of you might know, I am getting married.. *cough*..

Anyway. There was a big brides fair today. I attended to get a lot of ideas. It was really nice. I wish I had a lot of money to spend on my wedding, but my father is not paying for the wedding, so I don't.

I am going to sew my own dress. And yes I know that "each stich will be a tear in my marriage..". But I believe that each penny I save will be a tear less in the marriage, so I am prepared to do the dress myself.

I know how it'll be. Green and golden, and with a lot of details on the corset.

This is the closest I come to have a picture of it:

My dress - almost.

Jinxing it

I shouldn't have posted that last post about winter with fall-weather, cause now it's like some Goddess of nature woke up and said: "Wait a minute! Are you suggesting that I am neglecting my duties as a weather-Goddess?", and all of the sudden the weather has changed. The cold weather from up north has moved down here, and winter has come. It didn't take more than a couple of hours from my last post to snow. Unfortunately the temperature wasn't below zero, so the snow melted almost as soon as it fell. But me and my husband still had the time to make a little snowman.

Mister snowman

Incidentally Mister Snowman is the first snowman I have ever made. He was almost as high as me, but he melted the next day. As you can see on the picture, he has a lot of mud on him. That is due to the lack of frost, so the ground was very muddy. So were we when we finally got inside.

As mentioned the weather was still rather warm when the snow fell, so it has still been very fall-like these last few days, but tomorrow they should be a very nasty freeze, so let's see how it'll all turn out. I am looking forward to it.

I should probably say a lot about global warming in this post, and rant about how this freaky weird weather is due to way to much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but I have promised myself not to be too political in this blog. I will only say this: Go see "An inconvenient truth" or read the book. It's worth your time and thoughts.


An entire winter of fall

So winter didn't come at all. We had a couple of days of really cold weather, and the rest have just been rainy and grey. Real fall-weather. I love rain, so I don't complain. But most of my friends do. I am just happy that there have been no frost. Ofcourse, now the weather forecast promises winter. That sucks. I really hope it shalln't last. I am getting kind of used to seeing bugs now, and would like, out of curiousity, to see what effects a mild "winter" will have on the eco-system.