My shoes

I found my shoes. The most perfect wedding shoes ever.

Which is a lot to say, considering that I haven't yet made my dress. But these shoes are nicely rounded, and have the right golden color. And then they have that twist - that little thing that makes them stand out. That is what makes them the perfect wedding shoes ever. Which are inside that box..

My shoes


Winter came early this year

Yes. Winter has arrived. Yesterday I was met with a snow and storm as I left for school. And snow was everywhere. Most of it has melted, but here and there you can still see the white glow. And it's cold! I started wearing my new scarf a fortnight ago, more as a fashion statement than as a precaution against the cold. But yesterday I was so glad I had done so. My jacket isn't really suited for winter, so it was my scarf that kept the cold away. I upgraded to my winter coat today. It's about 2 sizes to large for me, but it keeps me warm, and that is the most important thing.

But where did my lovely fall disappear to? I love the fall. The rain and all the colors. I don't want to wait another year to get my fall-kick. *Sigh*


Not so frantic after all

So it turns out my brother can't attend my wedding in the winter. And one of my sisters can't come either, so we decided to move it to next summer. The 21st of June, which is the date we met, and so this date too is special.

I have finally decided how my dress is going to be, and started looking for the right fabric in the colors. I am going for a green dress with brown, bordeaux and gold details. Green might seem as an odd choice for many, but for people who know me, it is rather natural. My signature cooler is green, and to totally go against is on this special day, would just be weird for me.


.05 ct wesselton vs black diamond brilliant cut

Yes. I am now the proud owner of an engagement-ring with a black diamond (my own choice). I got it from the jeweler yesterday, and it's so pretty. I am really looking forward to my wedding and mostly I am looking forward to being married. I absolutely do!

I am also finished choosing the layout of the invites. I am almost done making them. Now we really need to find a place that'll have us for the big day


I am getting married

That's right! Yesterday I said "I will". The date will be the 21st of December. The day is special, because that day the year begins. The days get longer and sunnier.

In front of me is now 6 months of frantic planning. Check in now and then and have a look at my planning from time to time.


What kind of Angel am I?

*Angel Of Lost Time*

You Love everyone a little to much... I mean you
love them even though they dont deserve it. You
think about others more than yourself..there
goes the "time thing". You lost your
footing in heaven envy is in you more than you
think and your jealous ways blinded you. Try to
think about yourself. You have life in you even
though you may feel at times you dont so live
life instead of waiting with it. Your lover of
your dreams may appear if you dont have one or
your involved watch for something better cause
you may be deceived ...

What Kind Of Fallen Angel Are You?