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I was at the movies yesterday. Once a month the local cinema is doing a premiere-surprise. So you don't know which movie you'll see, and normally you'll see some really good movies, like 'The Incredibles' and so on. Well, the one we saw this time was 'White Noise'. It's has been quite a while since I saw so bad a movie. I am not really into the whole scare-the-audience-thing. So in all fairness to the movie, I only saw about half of it, the other half I was holding my eyes. I don't like the shock-effect. Both because I really get scared, and also because it really is the cheapest trick. It's only bad scary-movies that uses that effect, 'cause they can't capture the audience otherwise.

Anyway, this is the movie's homepage, if you want it:

The movie

Also I found this while googleing the movie:

It's a guy's take on the movie. He has some very interesting ideas, though I think he might be over-analyzing it. On the other side, there's is no such thing, when it comes to movies.

Read his blog here

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