.05 ct wesselton vs black diamond brilliant cut

Yes. I am now the proud owner of an engagement-ring with a black diamond (my own choice). I got it from the jeweler yesterday, and it's so pretty. I am really looking forward to my wedding and mostly I am looking forward to being married. I absolutely do!

I am also finished choosing the layout of the invites. I am almost done making them. Now we really need to find a place that'll have us for the big day

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Anonym sagde ...

I wish you a happy wedding and all the best wishes for your both future, that you lives become happy and fulfiled.

Well I know the answer is a bit late but was on vacation long time and only now checking a bit around, specialy on old contacts. Might not remeber me

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Anonym sagde ...

I was looking up black engagement rings on Google, and came across your article!

I hope to be you one day, and wish best wishes for the day :] x

Anonym sagde ...

I have to decide between a regular diamond and a black diamond for my ring but can't decide. Mostly because I know nothing about black diamonds. I was wondering if someone could give me some info about the price range and if it's better or worse than regulat diamond when it comes to value.


dotlea sagde ...

I love my black diamond. It's a bit cheaper than the white or colored ones, but I like having something that is a bit different than the rest. Also, I am sure my now husband wouldn't have been able to actually give me a real diamond as we are both studying and therefore are permanently low on money.