Jinxing it

I shouldn't have posted that last post about winter with fall-weather, cause now it's like some Goddess of nature woke up and said: "Wait a minute! Are you suggesting that I am neglecting my duties as a weather-Goddess?", and all of the sudden the weather has changed. The cold weather from up north has moved down here, and winter has come. It didn't take more than a couple of hours from my last post to snow. Unfortunately the temperature wasn't below zero, so the snow melted almost as soon as it fell. But me and my husband still had the time to make a little snowman.

Mister snowman

Incidentally Mister Snowman is the first snowman I have ever made. He was almost as high as me, but he melted the next day. As you can see on the picture, he has a lot of mud on him. That is due to the lack of frost, so the ground was very muddy. So were we when we finally got inside.

As mentioned the weather was still rather warm when the snow fell, so it has still been very fall-like these last few days, but tomorrow they should be a very nasty freeze, so let's see how it'll all turn out. I am looking forward to it.

I should probably say a lot about global warming in this post, and rant about how this freaky weird weather is due to way to much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but I have promised myself not to be too political in this blog. I will only say this: Go see "An inconvenient truth" or read the book. It's worth your time and thoughts.

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