New times

I just got home from the midsummerfestival. It was some of the best days in my life. I met a lot of wonderful people, and spend my days having interesting talks. I did a lot of interesting things and met a lot of interesting people, especially two has gotten my attention. One for his perspective on life, and his entusiasm and energy. The other other for being the perhaps nicest person I've ever met, and I have some very nice people as friends. He is so sweet and considerate, an all-good guy. I think he makes the world a little less evil, just by existing, and I admire him for that. For a few days his light shone on me, and it was really painful to say goodbye. I wanted to bathe in his tenderness a little longer, but I had to let him go. I have kept a little of his light in my heart, and will go to bed, hopefully dreaming sweet dreams.

I had a great couple of days. Thank you guys!

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