What's in an age?

A friend told me that my feelings were buzzing. I like that expression. Words are nice, and I like to play with them. My feelings ARE buzzing these days. I have been a busy little bee, and collected a Honey.

So, here's the bad stuff: He is younger than I. I know it shouldn't matter, but I can't help thinking, that I am in another place at my life right now. He is still in High School, for Pete's sake! But I can't help it, I have fallen completely for him. And I have to try. I will not deny my love. That's just stupid! So what's in an age? Nothing!

Also I am moving the rest of my stuff today. Maybe I can actually create a life now. I would like that. My old life has been shattered, and in stead of trying to rebuild it from the old pieces, I have discarded the wrong ones, and will only save the good parts. To rebuild something on wrong pieces, will just destroy the fundament, and sooner or later it will collapse again.

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Invader sagde ...

It's hard not to fall in love in mr. Legolas, glad I'm not gay, now he's yours ;)

Nice Midsummer by the way!!!

// Lykkefeen