So, being a roleplayer, much of what I say in everyday-conversations makes no sense to outsiders. Example: I can trip over a box, and my thoughts would be: 'Wow, I completely botched my spot-check'. My parents are really frustrated about this, and they still think rpg's are the worse that could have ever happened to me. I don't care. I think rpg's are expanding my world, not limiting it.

Also. Why is it, that most people I like, have a tendency to say the things I want to hear, not the truth? I know it's water under the bridge by now, but I just found out another one wasn't honest about his feelings towards me. Is it a wonder that I have difficulty trusting people, when they tell me about their feelings? I try to be honest. We should all be honest towards each other, otherwise we, as a race, will never truly evolve, and transcend to the next era.

Problem is, I have a lousy memory. I seem to be lying to myself to stop me from remembering the stupid self I once was. But if I don't remember, how can I ever change? I had a good, but not long enough talk with a friend, whom reminded me, that I was a bastard to him. How could I forget the things I said and did? Perhaps it's selfpreservation? We don't want to know that we're bastards, because that would make us less the people we want to be? And if we truly believe we are not the people we want to be, than what are we?

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