As long as one develops, one will live. I could never come to a stand-still in my personal growth. A friend of mine has flowered so these past weeks, that he is slowly becoming a full person. I love seeing it, and I try to help the best I can, though it can be difficult sometimes, when you're not really around to give a hug, and the likes.
Anyways, I was talking to him on the net, and I was so glad he was better, that I told him, his happiness made me happy. He then said, that my happiness made him happier. And suddenly we had started a chainreaction, and we ended up on this cloud of happiness. I was almost high. It was SO good to him better.
So, the point to all this: Smile to the next person you meet. Be happy. It might save their day, and thus save yours, when they smile back.

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