So. Now I have all these things, that I haven't told about, because I have been to busy to blog. And as an update, I don't know if any of them makes sense. But then again: I don't know if any of my previous postings makes sense, so I'll just go ahead.


I went to see M. Night Shaymalans The Village the other day. I am often surprised that movies like that offer no surprise to me, what so ever. For those of you, who haven't yet seen it, I will not carry on my rant about this particular movie, but move one to the more general aspect: For years I was convinced that my inability to be surprised had something to do with me being a roleplayer, and having witnessed so many scenarios played out on my inner screen, I had seen it all. But that was not it. Many of my friends, all of whom play, are still very much surprised of those kind of movies. Like the Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects, just to name the ones on top of my head. Neither had the impact on me, that they had on my friends. Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoyed them, I love movies, but I saw it coming. The "surprising plottwist, that no one expected, and that turns the movie upside down". Even though I did see it coming, I just enjoyed the movie even more, seeing the subtle hints, that are placed throughout the movie, instead of just recalling them, when the movie is done. I like my way of seeing movies. But I do wish that I could be surprised, and just once leave the cinema with an expression of awe, and a feeling that I sooo did not see it coming.

I like jokes.

I was told a joke the other day. I didn't get it at first. So I turned to my partner in crime: Morten, my fellow humor-enjoyer, and author of LPoTD - Lousy Pun of The Day, and told him the joke. He didn't get it either. Why do I tell you this? There are two reasons: First my surprise, and second, his answer. But I am being premature here, let's go back to the story. So the surprise is this: First of, I am told a joke, that I haven't heard yet, that is pretty special, it doesn't happen that often, but then I tell it to Morten, and he hasn't heard it yet either. Now, between us two, a joke that is new to both of us is something of a rarity. I don't recall that has happened ever before. And then neither of us understood it. See that is even more surprising. We were with some friends, cooking dinner when that happened, and one of the girls starting giggling, and explained the joke to us. It wasn't really all that funny, but quite witty, and a good pun. No, sorry folks, it is, like so many other puns, intranslatable. Ofcourse, Morten and I were crestfallen, and the girl asked why we reacted like that. And Morten answered: Because we are the ones around here, who prize ourselves as being the masters of jokes. Now this is where my obsession kicks in, and I start thinking about this. Not right away, of course, but over the next couple of days. And once I start obsessing, I see all sorts of ghosts. What did he mean by that, I think. And when the first couple of days had passed, and I still hadn't found an answer, I started obsessing about obsessing, and thinking, why do I so obsess about this? The point to my story? It is actually at the beginning. I like jokes. And a joke that is new, is something of a rarity..

I am sick.

I hate being sick. I am really lousy at it too. I try to snuggle up in bed, watch movies and get better. But I really do suck at it. I always end up feeling sorry for myself, and people hate being around me. So when I am sick, I end up alone and bitter. I hate being sick..

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