Movies, part II

Am watching James Bond - The Spy Who Loved me. It is really funny to see a movie that old display what was at that time state of the art gadgets. I laughed heartedly, and asked my parents, whom I was watching the movie with, if we were gonna laugh that much I 20 years about today's movies. My stepfather answered: Well, yes. Some might say we are laughing about them now. At least, I replied, our fighting is better choreographered than that. So my point? No point! Just wanted to tell more about one of my great hobbies.

I watched a movie the other day, Kongekabale. A Danish movie, an therefore untranslatable. It must be for Danes, what Fahrenheit 9/11 is for the Americans, except for the fact that the Danish movie is fiction.. Or at least it claims to be. A very good commentary to the Danish government and the political system at large. It's been quite awhile since I last watched a Danish movie, and actually enjoyed it. For all of you Danes out there: Watch it!

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