She lies awake
A smile on her lips
A kiss still lingers there.

Her heart pumps heavily under her naked breasts
Her hips twitches with desire
She close her eyes and dreams
of things to happen later
Right now she is content
To wait a little longer

An hour pass
she's still awake
Her eyes try to force his open

But no amount of desire
will wake him from his slumber

Still she quivers with desire
Her skin remembers his touch
A flash of pain as she recall
the love they made last night

Another hour he still sleeps
her fingers touch his cheek
It's cold for the touch
but she notice not
her body hot from fevered desire

She kisses his brow
her heart leaps with joy
she think she sees him flinch
But there is not enough kisses in the world
To make him open his eyes

An hour more she lies awake
The night pales into day
Still she look at his eyes and will him to blink
So he can take her in his arms
and make the nightmare go away

And hour more, the sunshine blaze
She gives up, and tries to shake him softly
But his blank eyes stare at the ceiling
And he doesn't make a move

Now the anger flares in her again
She pushes her knees against him
But her gown only stains
With the blood from his wound
And he's dead and cold beside her.

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