Why is it that everything I do, turn into something geeks? I understand the geekiness in RPG's and computer, but I manage to turn something relatively simple and sober into full-blown geekiness. Why? Can't I just be normal and non-geeky for once? Why is it, that every time something catches my attention I always end up knowing obscure things about that particular thing? Like movies. I realized that I know stupid things, about actors that I don't even especially like. How do I know stuff like that? Why do I remember that, when I can't even remember the date of my sisters birthday? Is it because I am so used to having geek-friends that I know they love obscure facts about obscure things? Or is the geekiness perhaps a genetically defect? Or maybe the next step in evolution? Hmm. One thing is for sure: Non-geeks perceive me as almost to geek to function.

And from the LPoTD archives:

Why do geeks love geeks girls, as soon as they have just relatively good looks? If, as a geek, you compliment a girl: "You're like totally cha 18, and I mean that with all of my heart, even if I had been Lord Soth and completely chaotic evil", it's nice that she understands..

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