I just sat and watched a loved one explain, with tears in his eyes because of the pain of the experiences this have brought him, that he wishes he wasn't that intelligent. That he looked on the people of his ages with envy of their easy life. That what he really wanted, was to be like them. All he had to worry about was the next party, and who dated whom. He cursed his intelligence, and the responsibilities it had brought him. He found it unfair, that it is so much harder to attain what would make him happy, than what his classmates have to attain to make them happy.

See, this is something I just don't understand. Through all the shit I've been through, the only constant have been my intelligence. The only thing I can count on is that. Yes, it sucks having the responsibility it brings, and when I was younger, I tried to denounce that responsibility. But now, I am grateful for it, and the possibilities it brings. I can do great things. I can actually accomplish things, stuff that other people will never even comprehend.

I am not saying that my intelligence is far superior to all other beings, just that I have potential to actually make a difference. And that is something I will do. I want to make a difference, and having the resources given to me like that is so much more than I could wish for. With intelligence, one can accomplish anything!

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