Day one:

We arrived at the Airport about two hours earlier than we were supposed to, and when we checked in, we were informed that the plain was about two hours late. We sat down and played some backgammon and watched some telly. It was really hot, so eventually we decided to go outside in the gardens. There we met some guys who offered beers. As I rarely drink I declined, but Anna would like some. As we sat there, it started to rain so we went inside. The plain got later and later. Eventually at about 1.30 we were told that the plain had taken of from Stansted, so it would arrive a couple of hours later.

Day two

4.30 - local time
Finnally at the hotel. I am ehausted, but now Anna is wide awake. A big day later, meeting Joe AND seeing London by day-light. I am a bit dissappointed now, but will probably enjoy myself much more when I actually get to see something for real, and not through a bus-window.

In the bus I pointed and said: "Oh look - fog!" And Anna replied: "Oh look - The Marble Arch!" :) Much better at sight-seeing than I am..

21.45 - local time
Got back from Joe's. His place really IS smaller than mine.

Day three

22.10 - local time
Been to Camden all day, shopping. Anna went beserk! :) I bought a small fairy, really beautiful! Anna is going to Soho tonight, visiting the places she used to frequent when she lived here. I am just staying in. don't want to be a burden, and also my book is really really good.

Day four

14.19 - local time
At the British Museum of Natural History. The entrance was an unbelieveable sight. Impossible to explain. The light was dimmed, blue and red, and your were welcomed by Atlas with a globe on his shoulders. A lot of other greek gods were there too. The walls were painted like the starry night, and a huge cupper-globe marked the entrance to the earth-exhibition. Couple that with the weirdest music played on an antenna, and you got the feeling of being somewhere extra-terrastial, or perhaps intra-terrastial. Hmm..

day five

00.30 - local time
We just realised that we were supposed to be on a plane yesterday. :) So now we are trying to find out what to do. Jonas is helping from Denmark.

11.30 - local time
Just arrived at Gatwick airport to get the tickets. We are going home with Maersk air. Met Tony, one of the guys who bought us beer, he was supposed to go home yesterday too, and missed his plane too. :) I am really looking forward to getting back to Denmark.

18.45 - local time
Finally home. And now I am actually hungry, haven't eaten anything today, been to exited about going home.

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