Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon. Where I work, a webpage with Puff was send around to me and my collegues, and this actually started a huge argument, because some of the girls, including myself, started crying a bit. Most of the men found this silly. Here's my point, and the reason that I cried: As some might have noticed, I am a dreamer. The land of Honalee is obviously a dreamland, and for Jackie Paper not to go there anymore, it would have to be because that dream had died. I cannot imagine anything more sad, than a dream ceasing to exist, except if that dream comes true, and therefor no longer is a dream. The dreams and imaginations of a child is sacred to me. I remember the very second one of my childhooddreams ceased to exist, and that still fills me with terror. So everyone: Never tell a kid, that Santa isn't real, or that the Easterbunny doesn't exist. A child has the right to stay innocent and dreaming as long as possible. They will wake up to the very harsh reality ot the world soon enough!

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