I Had A Dream

I had a dream.

I dreamt that I was flying. I was flying over fields of green and brown. It was spring or fall, and the earth was bare. I was holding hand with my younger sister. See, I was going to the fairies, and she had to come. I had been there previously, and promised her, that she could go too. Our parents tried to follow, but their flight soon faltered, and they had to proceed on foot. I wanted them to come along, so I slowed my speed. I don't remember much of my previous visit, but I know that there are people there, that I know. The world of fairies is a curious one, you soon forget them. That is the way they prefer it, that is their security system. But I wanted to get my family there, so off we went, before the magic was gone. As I was flying, I could feel it fade. I was loosing altitude, and was soon touching and setting off from the ground at a faster and faster pace. But I made it! I came to Faerie, just as the magic was gone. I had my younger sister, and our parents. We landed a a large farm, and the nice farmers invited us in. I told them about my stay, about the people I knew, and they promised to contact them. The wife was going to get some supplies and, leaving my family behind, I decided to go along, because I wanted to find a gift to my love.

Arriving at the store, I saw several shelves of beautiful things. What I wanted was an amulet, something with strong magic in it. I knew money was not an option, how I knew, I don't know. I was looking at these amulets, the next more dazzling, more beautiful, with more magic than the previous, and still it was not good enough. I wanted something special, as special as my love, and I could not find a present for him. I could not, even though I looked at all the amulets in the store. I wanted something special, and not even fairy-magic was good enough for him.

Unfortunately I awoke before I found a suitable present. I am theorizing that I would never find such a thing, though I would have loved to see it in my dream. I I had dreamt it, then perhaps I could tell him about it, describe it. Perhaps he would then understand how much I love him. Alas, that is not to be. There is no gift that would be good enough, to show how much I love him. Not even in my perfect dreamworld could I conceive such a gift.

Something occurred to me: Maybe the reason that I couldn't find a suitable gift amongst the magic amulets, was that they were not as magical as something I have already given him, the most magical of all things: My love.

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You can give me a kiss and exchange dreamy looks with me every once in a while? :P