I went to see Catwoman with Halle Berry yesterday. First my review, and then the political debate, that is the real reason I am posting this:

I like the movie. It's fun and has good catchphrases, but the setup of Catwoman, I being a marvel-fan, promises so much more. I will give it 5 stars. 1 for the movie, and 4 for Halle Berry's behind in leatherpants, Cause - boy! Is it HOT!?!

And then the political debate: Why is it they casted a black woman as Catwoman? In the original series, she is so obvious white, why did they find it necessary to cast a black woman? Because they have to be politically correct? Well, f*** it! They didn't make Hell Boy Blue, right? And while I have nothing against Halle Berry in that leathersuit, I could definitely put names to a dozen white chicks that would look even hotter, Angelina Jolie just to name one. I know, they wouldn't want to cast her, because of her previous engagement as Lara Croft, but there are many more, where that came from. I remember the good ol' Michelle Pfeiffer-days. When Catwoman was not a picture-"purrrfect", but none the less hot. Her lips in that mask made many a man wish he was Batman. I liked the old Catwoman much better: More leather, and less clean. I say: Next time, spend the millions on the movie, not the actress. In this case, she is NOT worth it!

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