Kids II

First of, I'd like to say thanks to all of you, who think I would make a great mom. It's nice to hear, thanks.

But. I really don't want kids. Bringing them up, without shattering their hopes and beliefs against the coldness of the world, is almost impossible. Without destroying their ability to believe in a better world. Without hate and suffering.

Even if you succeed in bringing them up, sheltered from the world, so their childhood is a loving one, they do eventually grow up, and face the harsh reality of our world.

How do you explain to a kid, that other people kill, because they don't like the way we believe in God? How do you explain, that people die of hunger everyday, because we live the way we do? How do you explain that we spend millions to prevent pollution, and yet so many people drive around their cars alone, because it's more comfortable? See, I don't even get it, so why would I be so cruel, as to put a kid here, who will eventually ask those questions of me - Questions I cannot, could never answer?

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Anonym sagde ...

These are some very relevent questions, but I believe that you should look upon the joys in life aswell. I see our word as a wonderful place if we chose our place in life and come to accept where we stand.
Whereby I of course do not mean to encourage you getting children. That is also up to each individual to find out.. on their own (that is with a little help from me of course:P).
- Martin