So a friend of mine gave me a parting message, that he is not worth my friendship. Then he was offline, and I was unable to write back. What is that about?

First of: He is worth it. I love him as the dear friend he is. It's almost insulting me, that he thinks of our friendship that way. It's a 2-way buisness, and we are equals in that. We have to be, otherwise it wouldn't be a friendship. Then it would be more of a mentor and a pupil-sort of relationsship. It's ok for me to talk to kids that way, but not to friends. I could never have a meaningful friendship, if I didn't get anything out of it too.

Second: Well, I don't need a second, cause my first said it all!

Sweetie, know that you are worth every second I think of you, just as I am worth every second you spend on me. That's what it's all about! I am looking forward to seeing you again! Take care!

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